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thisclose March 31, 2010

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Believe it or not, finally I can say, yes I’ll be graduating on April 21.

I’ll be walking down the aisle err, atrium, with the UP Sablay proudly slung across my body.

Yes, I will be a UP Alumni.

And yes, I will graduate on fucking time.

Currently, I’m printing my thesis.

I started two hours ago, I’m still on my third copy.

Another looong night it is.



loren haggarda March 8, 2010

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Ito ang larawan ng babaeng walang magawa sa buhay kundi picture-an ang sarili nyang nakatakip ang kamay sa mukha.


Haaay, I love hell weeks! And being the OC that I am, these are the events to take place this week. πŸ™‚


Thesis – Academy Awards – Thesis until the day breaks


Meet with film prod group – Meet with business comm group – Meet with new media prod group – Start shooting – Start editing the footages – Think about thesis


Make publicity for seminar discussion – Start making website – Continue editing – Make thesis


Seminar discussion – Continue shooting – Continue editing – Continue making website – Continue making thesis


Continue shooting – Β Continue shooting – Continue editing – Continue making website – Continue making thesis – Download software


Make thesis until eyes bleed – Edit movie until eyes bleed – Make website until eyes bleed – Practice for practical exam until eyes bleed


Finalize thesis like hell

And that’s it! We still have our final exams and the submission of final requirements the following week!

Hurrah for UP! Hurrah for a good life! Fuck!

almost there… February 28, 2010

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No, I’m not almost there. I’m like, barely started.

I remember having developed a special, intimate relationship with the Rabagos’ toilet. Now I’m feeling the same again: this time, toward the computer. I have been sitting on this very seat looking at this very screen for what, 36 hours? I only left this seat to sleep, take a bath and other bathroom stuff, and sometimes eat.

Fuck education. Fuck college. Fuck thesis.

Just kidding. Of course I don’t feel any hatred right now. I just want to slap myself fifty times for not doing anything after my thesis defense on February 3. That’s sooo long ago. I could have been done right now.

I could have been done an entire week ago had I not devoted my full time to the election campaign. I hate you electoral process. I haaaaate you.

Anyway, I’m blogging to take my mind off that loooong Word document entitled “Revised4”, otherwise known as my thesis. Thank you so much for taking time to read my senseless post.

PS: He performed the other night, on TATAK UPMin. I have a video of their band. I’m not gonna upload it on Facebook to save my reputation.

Iiiiiiieeeee. Pogi kaayo sya. *blush* Sorry na lang sa dili makarelate.

longer days and shorter nights February 6, 2010

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It’s already 6:05 pm but the sun has still not set. Anyway, it doesn’t have anything to do with my post. Haha, sorry.

I just had my thesis defense last Wednesday. The panelists advised me to focus on just one aspect of my study, therefore narrowing it down. They asked me whether I would like to re-defend or go straight to the plenary.

I asked for a re-defense. Wala lang, for the char. Yes! There is hope for graduation after all.

I’m currently playing The Scruffs at home. I think it’s my first weekend at home this semester, the reason being I have so much to do for next week. But yes, I’m still playing.

These are the things I have to do:

– 9 business letters for Business Communication

– a full-length storyboard for Film Production

– a paper for Philosophy

– a paper for Biodiversity

– study for an exam in Biodiversity

– etc.

I’ll do them later!

no sleep January 27, 2010

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I’m currently on thesis fever.

No, actually, I’d be making my thesis for the first time. And it’s now 4:23 am, Thursday.

And it’s due tomorrow.

I haven’t even started yet. I don’t know how.


This is what I get for totally messing up my priorities.

PS: I just read a story made by an ex (crush!) and it still gives me the creeps up to this very moment.

And yes, I do mess up my priorities.

Oh what should I do, what should I do…

slacker go away January 13, 2010

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I have been slacking off ever since this semester started. Scratch that. I have been slacking off since the beginning of this academic year. I hate it.

I hate it because I decided to go home today to start my thesis once and for all. And I haven’t done a single thing yet. Ugh.

My mind is too full of things, mostly extra-curricular. I actually don’t like the feeling of leaving my acads behind but I don’t know. Somehow it slips to the bottom of my priority list.

Today I went home to tell my mother I want to go back living in Mintal (after almost 2 years of living at home). And right away she said, “Okay, kailan ka magstart? Ikaw bahala basta feeling mo makabubuti sa studies mo.”

OMG. Guilt ultra level up.

But I can’t help it. Suddenly school doesn’t seem so cool anymore.

busybee December 13, 2009

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Imma make a long blog today to make up for the non-blogging week.

I’m really deadbeat tired today. The whole week last week was full of activities, most fun, some just plain tiresome. I stayed in my brods and sisses’ boarding house for the whole week and just dropped by my house to fetch some clothes and then off to Mintal again. Busy, busy, busy.

Segue: Black Marlboro is back and alive in Mintal. πŸ˜€

Classes usually start Tuesdays but for straight weeks I have to go to school on Mondays. Last week, our class in Film Production was requested to help organize the Mindanao Film Festival or MFF.Β  That was quite fun, it lasted for about 3 hours and featured 14 short films made by (young) Davaoenos. My goal is for our short film to be featured next year. Mark my words. πŸ™‚ I did not get to finish it because I got bored by the last three films and just went to Lorenzo Hall to join the Inter- council meeting. After that, my brods and sisses and I ate dinner at a barbecue-han by the highway and went to Pi house to wait for our kaka- birthday lang sis Krista and her treat. Later on that night, we feasted on champagne, Red Ribbon cakes and ice cream!

Tuesday was the same. Same boring class (oops!), same yosi break. By afternoon, we went to the second day of MFF. Did not finish it because I got bored again. Made tambay. By 5:30 that afternoon I went to the Inter- org meeting.My brod Perper invited me to go to Mintal since it was fiesta day. After eating dinner with Perper, Nassefh, and Krista, we were joined by Tumas, Ervin and Doods and we went to the ukay-ukay. I scored a lovely pair of pumps for only 50 effin’ pesos. Mintal is soooo cool. After that, we went to the perya. Perper never got to ride a ferris wheel in his entire 18 years of existence and so I agreed to ride with him. No comment na lang ako. Hahaha. We tried playing games and won chichirya and then we bought those uso lollipops that glow in the dark. By around 9:30 we started walking home. Krista, Doods, Ervin and Nassefh rode a tricycle while Perper, Tumas and I decided to just walk because Pi House was just a few blocks away. Perper and I started walking when we noticed that Tumas joined the tricycle group. Okaaay? Hahaha. Perper and I were supposed to study together for our paper in Philosophy but by the time we got home, we were overcome with laziness. We read but I failed to give my full attention to it. In the end, I ended up just listening to Perper’s explanations. Then again, we decided not to do our paper. Mabuhay ang Paragon!

Wednesday was full of anticipation. I skipped all my classes because I had to go home because I did not have clothes anymore. I came back to the hills of Mintal by 5:30 that afternoon, just in time with my meeting with Pi Sigma- Pi Sigma Delta. That night, too, when we went home to Pi House, the entire place was flooded by garbage bags, cartolina, packaging thingy, bubble wrap, shoes, clothes, jeans, scissors, scotch tape, etc. I leave the etc. to your imagination.

Thursday morning was full of preparation. Deviance Day is here! It’s the day (organized by Dugong Antro people) wherein everybody is encouraged to dress and act beyond ordinary and customary. The Anthropology people in Pi House had to go early to school to prepare for the event. Tumas went to school wearing a garbage bag dress and Chary wore a yellow mosquito net. Cool no? Me, I did not have guts to do that so I decided on going to school wearing a black mini-dress, black leggings and my black pumps. Deviance Night was so cool (even if I attended the event tipsy πŸ˜€ ). We jumped danced on the dance floor until midnight.Β  Like Cinderella, I left the chaos ten minutes before midnight because I suddenly remembered I had an exam in Biodiversity and an overdue paper for Philosophy tomorrow.

Friday was another day. I scribbled my Philosophy paper around 1am and fell asleep. My Philosophy class was 8:30 in the morning but I knew I had to skip this class again. I gave my paper to Teena and studied for my exam. I did well, I think, even though I studied for just an hour tops. Anyway, for most of the afternoon, I just hanged out in George’s boarding house. 5:30 that afternoon I bailed and went to Pi House for our final interview with the __. It ended at 10pm. After eating dinner, my sis Ting suggested we walk around Mintal. And so around 11:30 that night, me, Ian, Ting, Perper, Alvin, Red, Darlene and Bobbie made “ronda” around Mintal hahaha. Every time we pass by a “Slow Down” sign, we also walk really slowly. We got tired and by midnight we went to Mintal Park. They played on the swing set and pretty much disturbed everyone. Chary and Teena joined us then. Later a drunk man invited us all to play for a boxing match tomorrow. Right. We then decided it’s time to go home. When we arrived at Pi House, Chary wanted to watch a movie. We had no other movie, only Aliens in the Attic. And so Teena, Chary, Bobbie, Alvin, Perper and I sat on the mat at the living room to watch. Alvin got his bubble wrap and we popped loudly while watching. Bobbie immediately fell asleep. Alvin followed. Later Perper got his handkerchief from his bag. I know that’s the sign that he’s gonna fall asleep soon. Why? Secret. Teena and I said at the same time “Sigmans down!”. Later, I asked Perper to move aside and slept beside the salivating boy. Oops! Only Teena and Chary ended watching the movie.

Saturday started around 10am when we ate brunch. Then I sat by the terrace and smoked my pack of lights and thought about life. Not! Well, actually, I was thinking of doing my thesis storyboard when Alvin came out and joined me. We ended up staying there and I forgot about my acad troubles. Later we watched up, Alvin and Perper wrestled by the kitchen, waited for the __ and other brods and sisses and by 1pm we started our final rehearsals. We ended around 6pm and ate dinner. Cecile suggested we go to DatCom that night and by 11:30 weΒ  walked to Mintal again. We (me, Alvin, Ian, Tumas, Darlene, Ting, Bobbie, Cecile, Philip, McMonde, Teena, Chary, Dolly, Lenin) found ourselves drinking bottles of mango sling. We got addicted to McMonde’s camera and took pictures all night. We also sang songs and made fun of Philip through singing. Peace yo!

kami minus mcmonde behind the cam

major LOL moment ako nito. sayang wala si perper πŸ˜›

Sunday I went home. Peace and quiet once again πŸ™‚

nagpaparamdam… November 29, 2009

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…na ang thesis ko.

Iniiwasan ko na adviser ko kasi ni katiting wala pa akong nasisimulan. Ni hindi ko nga alam kung pano sisimulan at kung saan magsisimula.

Ang plano ko pa, pagkatapos ng sem starter namin ng mga kapatid ko sa Pi Sigma- Pi Sigma Delta ay magpu-full force na ako sa pagbanat.

Kaso pag- uwi ko ng bahay nung Sabado ng umaga (mga alas siete yata yun) eh nakatulog na ako. Gumising ako bandang tanghali para kumain tapos natulog na naman ako. Nagising ako mga alas sais ng gabi para kumain na naman, pagkatapos ay natulog ako. Plano kong gumising nang madaling araw kaso pagmulat ng mata ko, Linggo na pala.

Hindi ko rin sya nagawa kahit andito lang ako sa bahay nung Linggo. Kasi naaliw ako sa pagsosolitaryo. Hindi sa computer ha. Nakita ko kasi yung matagal ko nang nawawalang baraha de Casino.

Ngayon naman eh ginagawa ko ang aking reflection paper sa Philosophy. Mamayang konti, aalis ulit ako ng bahay para bumili ng _. Tapos mamayang gabi, makikipagkita pa ako sa mga kandidato sa susunod na elekyon sa bayan ng CSM.

Goodbye graduation na nga ba? T’yak papatayin ako ni mama pag nalaman nyang plano kong i-drop ang thesis.

OMG. Hindeeee!!! Kaya ko to. Aja!

Post- grad November 4, 2009

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These are some of the things I’d like to do after I graduate. IF I do.

Go on a road trip with my Uber friends.

Tine and I planned this late last year. We gathered eight other friends and agreed to pay a thousand bucks per month to cover the expenses. Payment was supposed to start January of this year, which was moved to the opening of classes last June, and was eventually canceled because a thousand pesos per month is too much for students like us.

But then, the other day, when Reg, Tine and I were hanging out at our tambayan by the atrium (we were actually in school to enroll but we eventually got tired of it and decided to just hang out), Tine brought up that Caine, her boyfriend, volunteered to be our driver. Tine apparently didn’t have the heart to tell him that the trip was already canceled. I suggested we still pursue the trip but we didn’t have to go far. For some reason, we all thought it would be cool to drive to Cagayan de Oro and then take a boat ride to Bohol. Oh well, let’s see πŸ˜€

Take driving lessons

We (Uber friends jampong) will be enrolling in a driving school next summer. Haha, I can already imagine all of us panic- driving!


Yeah, because I’m cool like that. You should be voting, too. πŸ˜€ Although I still have no idea on whom to vote. Ugh.

Get really drunk. Downtown.

I have my more than fair share of drunken moments. Scratch that. I think I have only been super drunk thrice in my life (which I remember by being teased mercilessly about it the following day). On most occasions, whenever I start to get tipsy, I stop drinking and try to breathe fresh air. Or not. Sometimes, to sober up I would talk to my friends about emo topics (haha) and the like and then begin to drink again once the tipsiness goes away.

Two of the three times I have been drunk all occurred in UP boarding houses. One was in Door 1, Zozobrado back in second year, when we drank Tagaka I think. Tagaka is a mixture of Tanduay, coffee and condensed milk. The one mixing it should be really good so that it tastes like Bailey’s. Otherwise, it would end up as a mini- disaster, just like the one we drank that fateful night.

The other was when we were in Door 2, Chiongs Apt. We were in third year and I remember Jeje punching (yes, punching) all of us, mad at us because we all looked like Blaise. Right. And we were laughing. Then Jeje, in all her frustration, threw a monobloc chair down the stairs. We all laughed. After that, I couldn’t remember anything. They said I keep on asking who Tonton was. Haha. Shh.

And the third one occurred the other week, in Reg’s house. You know, this post. Err, no comment. πŸ˜›

I want to try getting drunk downtown. Where my friends would be embarrassed to be seen with me. Haha love it!

– Live somewhere else.

Okay, so this does not fall into the same category as the other four. Last year, I convinced my friends to go live with me in Makati after we graduate. As if I had somewhere to live in Makati. But then, a classmate told me that in the future, Luzon would disappear from the map completely. Afraid. I told that to my friends so they would have to change their minds, too.

But I need to live somewhere else. It’s not that I don’t enjoy living in our house. It’s just that I think it wouldn’t make a difference if I were already working but still living with my parents. Davao City is still, in my opinion, one of the best places in the world and perhaps I would just get another apartment. Or I may go to another place. Bacolod is good. It’s a really friendly city. I am also considering Bohol. I have been itching to go to Bohol like, forever. Maybe there’s nothing extraordinary in the place, but it’s like there’s something there which I have to see. Or someone?

Yikes, sobrang cheesy!


Taken on a barge to Camiguin.

Yes. Someday I’ll finish my thesis, wear the toga and get my diploma from the Chancellor’s hands. Then I’ll run away. πŸ˜€

thesis it! October 4, 2009

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Whew. After a week- long blogging hiatus, here I am blogging again. Not because I have anything worth blogging about but because I am SO desperately in need of a distraction.

I stayed the entire weekend home because I got two exams (believe me, they’re not just exams) coming on Tuesday (yes, sabay sila). Good luck sa aking pagmememorize sa Wild Tribes of Mindanao for Anth 125 and the 400 paintings, the artists and the era plus lecture notes for AH5.

I still have papers to do. The mall study for Anth 125 pa rin (what’s with these SocSci electives?) and I haven’t done half of the screenplay for MEDA 112. And it was due last Friday. Errr…


And on top of that, tomorrow (yes Maan, tomorrow! wah!!!) is my thesis defense. It’s such a major oh no. *cries for help*
I have just begun doing the PPT presentation for it and I just spent around ten minutes doing the title slide. Good luck. I hope I do well tomorrow. Please, please, please.

Okay, tapos na ang break time. Back to work. Wish me luck!