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one thing i love about you October 23, 2009

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I just ate my words.

I swore I’m never going to watch Ten Things I hate About You the television series because I just want to remember the Patrick Verona who was played by Heath Ledger, like ten years ago.





But Heath Ledger is Heath Ledger. Ethan Peck is love.

I mean, he isn’t exceptionally good- looking, but the way he acts, his voice when he speaks, you could just wish you were in Kat’s place.

All the actors were also really good. I like the fact that they did not choose picture perfect stars; they chose people who look like people. And the queen bee, Chastity, was black and beautiful.

The script, too, was great. I laughed out loud, which got not a few raised brows from the people at home. It was witty, something I did not really expect based from the sharp lines delivered a decade ago from the movie.

I finished the entire season this afternoon. In one sitting. I haven’t eaten lunch or dinner yet. Who cares? Haha, kidding. Guess who couldn’t wait for Season 2!


up August 29, 2009

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I had just watched Up, thanks to my uber delayed time frame.

The movie was really good. So many people have been telling me (majority in lieu of Facebook) that Up is really good. When the movie started, I thought I would be disappointed because of my high expectations.

But OMG, the storyline, the effects, the script, everything hit the target.

The movie is basically the embodiment of letting go and moving on. It’s about not living in the past, but in the present. It’s about choosing your priorities, and it’s about cherishing the friendships you make along the way.

Once again, Disney did not fail to make me laugh and cry.

this is addict speaking May 22, 2009

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This is it. I am now officially and irrevocably (why does it sound a bit Twilight- ish?) addicted to Boys Over Flowers (or Boys Before Flowers). OMG!!! (Fan girl mode.)

I have to say that I owe a lot to Rarejob. If I haven’t been sanctioned this month, I wouldn’t have been able to watch the series. Actually, I never got to watch it on TV when it started airing because of my work. Last Saturday, blessed be ABS CBN, they had a rerun of the encore week of the show.

And so I watched it. I did not expect it to be good, due to the success of Meteor Garden, but shiet, I was immediately hooked. I mean, Meteor Garden might have been one, if not the biggest success of ABS CBN. But damn, one look from Lee Min Ho (who plays Goo Joon Pyo) and 19- year old Kim Bum (playing So Yi Jung) and I knew I found my latest addiction.

So last Tuesday, when my mom and I got bored, we decided to watch it online on MySoju. And the rest was history. We’re almost done with the series and we would have continued watching it if I did not have to work tonight.

At first, I thought watching a sappy sappy love story about people around my age WITH my mom would be a bit awkward. You see, we were never the ones to talk about love and all that jazz. Little did I know that my mom would be more kilig than me.

I’m just disappointed though because she likes the character of Yoon Ji Hoo, played by Kim Hyun Joong.

Okay, in comparison, the Taiwanese version Meteor Garden, aired in 2001, had more to say when it comes to cinematography. Meteor Garden, I think aimed for a theatrical appeal, while Boys Before/ Over Flowers aimed for realistic.

Though I’m still a fan of Jerry Yan, and while I could not help but swoon over Kim Bum, I can’t help but fall inlab with Lee Min Ho. See how cheap I am? Anyway, yeah, I love his curly hair.

On the other hand, I never got around watching the Japanese version, Hana Yori Dango even though Hazel’s DVD has been sitting around my shelf for about six months a’ready. I just couldn’t. You know why? Because I love Doumyoji Tsukasa/ Dao Ming Si/ Goo Joon Pyo’s character and I don’t like Jun Matsumoto. Tapos, I love Oguri Shun but unfortunately, he’s given the role of Hanazawa Rui (Hua Ze Lei/ Yoon Ji Hoo) whose character I don’t really dig. It’s complicated.

Basta, that’s it. Now that the Gossip Girl’s Season 2 has come to end and I would have to wait ’til August for the 3rd season, I am for now officially a Boys Over Flowers fan girl. I never imagined my mom and I could watch a subbed show until dawn. That’s kewl.

mass deletion May 17, 2009

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Just seen Juday and Ryan’s Wedding Special on the tube. It was fun at first; their wedding was so natural, people were actually cheering inside the church. They were a kalog couple. And it was so fun eating yogurt.

Segue: This is actually my first time to eat Apple Cinnamon yogurt because I don’t see it in GMall. I was able to buy it at Robinsons.

Anyway, I had to leave my mom alone to watch the special and go upstairs instead when things are going too sappy. I mean, sometimes I AM a hopeless romantic, not as much as my mom though, but whenever I see weddings, all I think about is how on earth I’d be able to beg convince Ely Buendia to sing for my own wedding. See how grounded I am? I’m not even asking him to marry me!

And now that I opened this blog again, I decided it’s high time for mass deletion. I think it’s quite ridiculous for your blog posts of the month to exceed the number of days of the month itself. And it’s just a little past halfway of May yet.

It feels so energizing to delete 12 blog posts. =)

things on Philippine TV that annoy me May 7, 2009

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No offense intended to avid viewers.

This show is just plain annoying and chaotic.
Everybody’s soooo magulo. I prefer to not watch it at all but there are times (for example when I’m eating outside, i.e. school canteen?) when I have no choice but to watch it. I understand that a lot of my friends like this show, for some reasons I can’t quite comprehend. I don’t like this show. Wh
y? Because one, Pokwang is an eyesore. She is sooo magulo. Two, Valerie doesn’t know how to host. Three, the dancers, while, in fairness, pretty, make my ears bleed. Four, I don’t understand why all their contestants cry? Tatanungin lang kung kamusta sila, iiyak na? Is this Wish Ko Lang? And five, Willy is such a phony. No need to explain.

2. Champion’s Advertisements
For some reason, I can’t find ANY picture of the effin’ detergent bar/ powder. So here’s a Youtube link of their latest commercial. Watching the advertisements this product had SUCCESSFULLY aired on Philippine television, I think there is a serious drought of talented writers. Maka- apply nga, haha, joke. But anyway, WOW lang ang masasabi ko. In a previous ad, a girl was shown doing the laundry. Duh. Then she said something like, “yung ipinanglalaba ko sa aking damit, nagagamit ko pa panghugas ng pinggan”? Putek, kadiri. Haha.

Then, as if it’s not enough, there’s another SET of advertisements shown on TV recently. Most of them are okay, but there’s this one part wherein a woman and her son refused an illegal “cable- man”. Okaaaay, but please be polite. Haha. AND then, as if the audiences are clamoring for more, meron na naman! This time, there are two ads, I think. One showed a guy who failed in class? And then after graduating perhaps, he worked in a factory, which is safe to assume, Champion’s. And then okay na. The other one also featured a guy whose father got into an accident, then he worked for Champion and then okay na. I mean, please write better stories! If I were doing the laundry, what would be important to me is the quality of the soap I’m using, not the dramas of the company’s workers.

3. Shaina Magdayao’s lips.

SORRY! Distracting lang especially pag close ups. Avid viewer kasi ako ng Kambal sa Uma. Peace!

4. Political Ads

Naku, naku, naku.. Tigilan n’yo nga ako? This is illegal, ain’t it? These two pictures on the left aren’t the only ads parading on television right now, but there are the two most obvious, and should I say, memorable?

Anyway, comment on Mar Roxas’ ad. HAHA. Why did it take you like a looong time before you even noticed that the guy “making padyak” is a BOY? You even had the guts to interview him and his sister (to whom you did not even pay much attention to). Haha, Mar, pwede ba? Ikaw ang bahala? Lalaban tayo? Why aren’t you doing that now, knowing that you’re in the Senate?

Comment on Manny Villar. If we meet in person, would you really allow me to wipe mud on your Lacoste shirt? And puh- lease. You have millions to spare, why did you not pay for a better writer? That one ad (yes, he has MANY ads) which featured an OFW from the Middle East? I didn’t understand a thing she’s saying. Ano yun? Sa sobrang hirap, dumugo? Ang ano? And on a more serious note, I don’t think most of us are forgetting the charges of human trafficking against you last year. Not to mention your negligence of the residents in your real estate development, Camella. Oh, there’s also a new ad for Camella now, right?

* more to come if there’s more

day out May 4, 2009

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No it wasn’t actually a day out. I just got tired of sitting around at home all day so I decided to go on a food trip with my little sister. Eto nga pala sya, si Coco, ay Chelsea pala.
Anyway, she was looking for a card for Mother’s Day in NBS and I was in another aisle looking at the magazines. I would have bought the latest issue of Cosmo but I didn’t because Kim Chiu was on the cover. I don’t have anything against the girl but she sort of made it look like Candy. Pink pa talaga ang background. Seriously, NBS was in a magazine drought because they didn’t have any decent issues. So I got none.

When we were at the counter to pay, I spotted an April issue of Seventeen. Leighton Meester was on the cover. I asked the saleslady where the May issue was and it turns out that there’s no May issue since the April one was the last Seventeen was going to release. So I bought it.

I really love Gossip Girl (they make my Mondays a whole lot better) and I really, really love Blair Waldorf. But I don’t know much about Leighton though, who plays Blair. So I immediately read the writeup on the mag about Leighton. Turns out that her parents were convicted drug traffickers and her brother was involved in a high- profile sex scandal. Wonder what high- profile means.
Anyway, instead of being the usual rebellious, “angst-y” girl, she worked hard to get all A’s at school. She was (and is?) a self- proclaimed dork. I lavet. She proved that you didn’t have to drink, party hard and have a slew of boyfriends in order to be cool. I realized that girls who’d rather stay home, watch Kambal sa Uma (KEWL) and go online all night are still cool, too. =)

easily addicted May 2, 2009

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A quiz from good ole Facebook revealed that I have a highly addictive personality. Which I intentionally misinterpreted as a personality whom everybody else is easily addicted to. Not! Well, okay, I admit I easily get addicted to things, especially during school breaks. Uh, like now?

I’m a long-time fan of Eraserheads, all my blocmates could attest to that. And when I say fanatic, I mean fanatic! I know all their history, their albums, their other works, their personal life! I even know the names of their children, their student number for chrissakes! Kulang na lang, pati thesis ko, Eheads eh. Which I think my other addict super friend George would do. Go!

After that, I got addicted to Oguri Shun. No, his hotness is not the reason. Guess what? Detective Conan! Yey! You see, I sort of followed Detective Conan on TV religiously and when the clever management of GMA decided to pull it out to make way for Street Fighter, I knew I had to make a move. I bought a DVD, which I never got to finish because of my lovely but busted DVD- rom. While searching for online episodes, I went across the live action (consisted of 2 mini- movies) starring Oguri Shun. Okaaaay, I downloaded it and I fell in love with it ever since. That was sem break last year.

I spent last Christmas break productively by watching and reading all things Eheads.

And now, the current addiction of the girl who sat all day in front of the PC is Hot Shot. Wow, ano daw? It’s currently shown every afternoon in ABS- CBN but because I’ve got nothing to do on Good Friday, I decided to watch the episodes online. And then I couldn’t stop. Heart-breakingly, it did end and so I’ve nothing to watch anymore. So I downloaded the songs, even though I couldn’t understand a single word. Kewl.

Anyway, I’m looking for a new addiction now. Any suggestions?

Well, actually, I also love Gossip Girl but that hardly qualifies as an addiction.

Also, you might have noticed that I frequently mention ABS CBN and GMA. Well, what can I do? I’m a media arts major and I consider that as one of my assignments. Haha, actually, we just don’t have cable. Cable companies haven’t reached the depth of our neighborhood yet, and then all the other neighbors have Dream satellites, to which Mama said her famous No. =(

Slumdog Millionaire March 2, 2009

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I have just decided that this would be my most favorite film of all time until I grow old.
Or at least one of the top ten.

I know I’m late in watching this. I mean I’ve heard of it before but I never got to watching it until early morning today. By morning I mean 2 am. Which means I finished watching at four. And I didn’t even notice the time.

To be honest, I wasn’t interested at all in watching Slumdog. I’ve never seen any trailer of it but I’ve seen pictures, which led me to think that it was just another Bollywood film. And I was never into Bollywood films (no offense to fans out there).

Until it bagged awards at the Oscar’s.

I itched to see it. But I never got to buy a DVD copy (from Mantex syempre). And so, I googled it and tah-dah! Instant movie. Thanks illegal live streaming.

And like, OH SHIT. There was never a dull moment. There’s no limitations actually. A few minutes of the movie can contain billions (exage naman) of different moods, themes, etc. The film discussed poverty (of which we Filipinos are very familiar), family, friendship, success, love and destiny, all woven together into a tight, intricate plot. There are elements of suspense, comedy, drama and romance. What more could you ask for?

My eyes never went away from the screen (in my case, the PC monitor). Uh, well, except for the part when Maman’s (tama ba?) boys scooped out the little boy’s eye, using a spoon. I had a sel- imposed meditation for about 2 minutes after that.

I like the character of Jamal. He’s so driven and unafraid of what comes. His only flaw maybe is that he was too ‘controlled’ by his love for Latika, to the point that it’s not believable anymore. Then again, she’s the third musketeer after all. Favorite scene: When he pretended to be a tour guide in Taj Mahal and he was asked what the cause of Mumtaz Mahal’s death was. Really funny. And also the infamous public bathroom + autograph scene. Disgusting at its best. I also liked the scene wherein the host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire said it’s hot, and Jamal asked him, “Are you nervous?”

I don’t like the character of Latika. She’s too weak. Also, she unwittingly made Jamal’s life miserable. But yeah, if it weren’t for her, there won’t be a story? Hmm.. Favorite scene: When she answered the phone intensifying the suspense and it only turned out that she didn’t know the answer. Nice one.

I LOVE the character of Salim. He’s a walking irony. How many times did he enrage Jamal and even put his life in danger? Almost all the time. It seems as if they weren’t brothers. But how many times did he save Jamal’s life? All the time, too. He took so many risks, some of which Jamal would unfortunately never know, just to save his younger brother. And make him happy. I also love the fact that he killed the two gangsters. That’s so cool. Favorite scene: When he sold Jamal’s autograph. When he let go of Latika’s hand while escaping Maman. When he killed Maman. When he helped Latika escape from Javed. When he filled the bathtub with money, killed Javed, and was killed by Javed’s guys. His last words were “God is great.”

Well I guess I have to end this blog here because it’s getting a little lengthy. Perhaps there would be a Part 2, perhaps there won’t be. So see yah.

So what if you didn’t like the Twilight movie? November 27, 2008

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I liked it.

I think it’s unfair that people criticize the movie as if they had every right to do so. Come to think of it, these fellow bloggers generalized the movie watchers into two categories: people who did not read the books and consequently ENJOYED the movie, and those who read only to be DISAPPOINTED.

I read every page of Meyer’s saga, and I enjoyed it. In which category do I belong critics?

Well, yeah, I know it’s their right to do so and blah blah blah, but perhaps it would help if we become a little more…open-minded you think?

It’s not a few blogs, there were MANY REVIEWS which thrashed the movie. Admittedly, I was able to read some of them before my friends ans I went to the cinema (7 of us last Thursday, Nov 27) so I prepared myself to be disappointed. Well not really, but I conditioned myself to not expect too much. I mean, in the beginning, I already knew that it’s not gonna be an LOTR- type of movie since it’s going to be directed by an indie director.

I certainly would not appreciate it if it was mainstream-ly made.

We could not possibly expect the movie to turn out like the book because I don’t remember anything happening like that. People say that the movie (I quote) “murdered” the book, but I think otherwise. I think the somewhat flawed movie brought out the beauty in Meyer’s Twilight.

In my opinion, more and more people come out of the cinemas dissatisfied because they are prejudiced. Either they expected too much, probably because of all the hype and anticipation, or on the other hand, because they already read the negative reviews and did not want to be the odd ones out.

I actually appreciated the movie’s experiments with cinematography and with the acting itself (which some, admittedly, turned out quite awkward). Some people say that they didn’t like the movie because it was a “chick flick”. Duh. From the start, the bookws were for “chicks” (however derogatory). Duh. It was told from a tennage girl’s point of view. Duh-er.

Somehow I agree with some actor’s dull acting, but I really didn’t care. It turned out the same. I mean, if all actors there were on the same level of ‘intense’ drama, it would be plain cheesy. Like telenovela cheesy.

Generally, the movie could have done better, a lot better, but in my opinion (which nobody requested but I’m generously giving out), it wasn’t as f*ckingly horrible as you make it sound like.

Anyway, let’s all watch out for New Moon, which is bound to be better.

Twilight movie. Not really loved it, but I liked it. I’m still seriously like hyperventilating’ over the fact that I watched Twilight, and it’s not on YouTube anymore!

PS: The only thing which actually sucked and destroyed my watching experience was the crowd we were stuck with inside the cinema. They were boring and passive. So my friends and I chose not to react over the scenes, too, in order to blend in. LOL.

Another PS: Thank you George, Tine, JM, Jeje, Irish and Euki for not letting me down, even if some people planned to back out (right Tine?) Thanks for the best night ever.