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rainy summer April 12, 2010

Posted by putomaia in Random Rambling.

This post officially ends my blogging hiatus.

Actually, there was no hiatus declared. It was just that ever since school was out, I wanted to do nothing. Like, absolutely NOTHING.

And I did. I had no academic liabilities, no bright blogging ideas, and no work.

After two weeks of being a bum, I got tired. Also, no school plus no work is equal to no moolah. 😦

But wait, I’m now researching on a certain company I’m applying for. Tomorrow I’ll be making my first “real- world” application letter and resume. Hopefully, by Wednesday, I’ll be able to go to the office to submit it. And on the days that I will be waiting for a call from them (IF they’ll call), I should be practicing my lost writing skills. Nervous much!

Real world, here I come!!!

But for tonight, I’ll be catching up on my blog responsibilities.  I had been looking for a new blog to follow but I could not find anything worth my time. I decided the best blog to follow is mine. 🙂

(And yeah, perhaps I’ll make a new header. This wooden background is just a phase.)



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