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oops April 12, 2010

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I transferred back to Blogger.

I realized I couldn’t live without customizable themes.

Please follow the LINK.

Thank you!


rainy summer April 12, 2010

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This post officially ends my blogging hiatus.

Actually, there was no hiatus declared. It was just that ever since school was out, I wanted to do nothing. Like, absolutely NOTHING.

And I did. I had no academic liabilities, no bright blogging ideas, and no work.

After two weeks of being a bum, I got tired. Also, no school plus no work is equal to no moolah. 😦

But wait, I’m now researching on a certain company I’m applying for. Tomorrow I’ll be making my first “real- world” application letter and resume. Hopefully, by Wednesday, I’ll be able to go to the office to submit it. And on the days that I will be waiting for a call from them (IF they’ll call), I should be practicing my lost writing skills. Nervous much!

Real world, here I come!!!

But for tonight, I’ll be catching up on my blog responsibilities.  I had been looking for a new blog to follow but I could not find anything worth my time. I decided the best blog to follow is mine. 🙂

(And yeah, perhaps I’ll make a new header. This wooden background is just a phase.)