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Sting March 1, 2010

Posted by putomaia in Random Rambling.

Sting is a bee’s remembrance.

Sting is the name of The Police’s lead singer.

Sting is also the energy drink that forced me to do my thesis.

Sting's supposed to be red (strawberry) but the cam settings turn out to be B&W. I'm too lazy to take another pic so here you go. 🙂

Seriously, Sting’s effective. If you have to pull an all- nighter, buy a bottle or two.

And I just found out that it’s owned by Pepsi.

I’m sorry Coca-cola. This is unavoidable 🙂

–Okay back to thesis work



1. marademalad - March 4, 2010

o diba?
sana lang noh makita to ng kumpanya tapos bayaran ka.
ganun talga kaepektibo at napush ka nitong maendorse sila?:)

putomaia - March 4, 2010

uhuh.. ngunit di naman pera ang habol ko kundi…

marademalad - March 7, 2010

pag.ibig.pag.ibig, pagmamahal?

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