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almost there… February 28, 2010

Posted by putomaia in Jitters, School is Cool.

No, I’m not almost there. I’m like, barely started.

I remember having developed a special, intimate relationship with the Rabagos’ toilet. Now I’m feeling the same again: this time, toward the computer. I have been sitting on this very seat looking at this very screen for what, 36 hours? I only left this seat to sleep, take a bath and other bathroom stuff, and sometimes eat.

Fuck education. Fuck college. Fuck thesis.

Just kidding. Of course I don’t feel any hatred right now. I just want to slap myself fifty times for not doing anything after my thesis defense on February 3. That’s sooo long ago. I could have been done right now.

I could have been done an entire week ago had I not devoted my full time to the election campaign. I hate you electoral process. I haaaaate you.

Anyway, I’m blogging to take my mind off that loooong Word document entitled “Revised4”, otherwise known as my thesis. Thank you so much for taking time to read my senseless post.

PS: He performed the other night, on TATAK UPMin. I have a video of their band. I’m not gonna upload it on Facebook to save my reputation.

Iiiiiiieeeee. Pogi kaayo sya. *blush* Sorry na lang sa dili makarelate.



1. marademalad - March 1, 2010

whew. FUCK THEM!!!!
naniniwala ako na hindi tisis ang sukatan para sa apat na taon kong itinagal sa college!!!

putomaia - March 1, 2010

agree! pota. mukhang magse-special appearance pa ako sa UP next sem ah.

2. daryl george enriquez - March 1, 2010

hahahahahahahahaahha. pota.
mas nalipay ko ngbasa atong kilig na part.

putomaia - March 1, 2010

oh diba? maski nagsugakod na ko sa akong thesis, naa japon koy time para magkeleg2. would you believe na 12mn-3am ganihang kadlawon kay nagstalk lang ko sa iya, nagtanaw sa ilang video, og nagchat kay tumas about sa iya? pak naman oh.

marademalad - March 4, 2010

dahil minsan lang tayo bata. ❤

putomaia - March 4, 2010

so much!

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