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fickle February 25, 2010

Posted by putomaia in Jitters, Private Me, Random Rambling.

Reg sent me this text message ten days ago:

“Waiting is the most important thing that you can do for love, but it proved me one thing. As it goes it can also change your mind.”

I think the same happened to me. I am aware that I wrote sometime ago that I may never have feelings for a person other than him. I have always thought so. Until we started to talk again.

Some people may say that I’m feeling the way I feel right now because my friends didn’t like him. Believe me, that’s not the case. I’m not exactly famous for listening to my friends’ advice.

I didn’t know what happened. Before, I see him in school and think that I have always been waiting for him, that I can never talk to him again, that someday we will meet in another place, in another time, all that is perfect.

But now that I can talk to him almost everyday? I realized that what I felt was just longing.  Even if it’s contrary to what other people may feel, I honestly like his personality. It’s as if I can see more than what other people can see. (Okay, time to puke) No seriously, it’s like I’ve been wanting to just be friends again. Nothing more than that.

And now I realize that my feelings can be turned on and off and on again and off again in lightning speed.

PS: Show’s over, time to make my thesis. 😦



1. marademalad - February 27, 2010


putomaia - February 27, 2010


2. marademalad - February 27, 2010

ito ay nangangailangan ng yosi talks.shet namiss ko yun. *T.T

putomaia - February 27, 2010

i don’t smoke. 🙂

marademalad - March 1, 2010

pakyu kalokohan ito.
he smokes gud.:) memeng and i shud better hang out with him sometime.:)

3. daryl george enriquez - February 27, 2010

Some people may say that I’m feeling the way I feel right now because my friends didn’t like him.

define longing daw bi.. 😛

putomaia - February 28, 2010

ikaw diay? ikaw diay? self-centric!

pwede baya ka maglong sa isa ka tao, e.g. sa isa ka friend ayt?
dili man tnang feelings kailangan butangan og romantic connotation 🙂

(naninuod mode)

4. putomaia - March 1, 2010

@teena: kinsang “he”?

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