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the story of the lost and found ID January 28, 2010

Posted by putomaia in Private Me, Sorority Girl, Uber Friends.

I just found my ID earlier. It went MIA since last semester. Now I know why I never cared to go and have another ID made.

Maybe this is also true with old friends. In this case, friends since I stepped on the muddy soil of UPMin. You meet many people, you become close with them, intimate even (oops!). More people became memorable in my life as I went through college but I guess nothing beats a simple bond between true friends who accidentally got to know each other inside out.

My day started out far from good. I have to inject ink into our cartridge, a job I really hate, and I just had three hours of sleep. My New Media class is haunting me. Promise, babawi ako.

I went home early (first time since forever) and got sick along the way. BTW thanks Blue Taxi for the smooth ride. I got home, slept, ate, went through my thesis, and now I am still staring at a blank Word document thank you.

A sis told me about a stupid Facebook note which set my blood to a boiling point. Well, almost.

But this. This blog just made my day. There’s nothing better than a good friend making a fan testimonial of you. Just kidding. You of all people should know that I’m not expressive. But yeah, it means a lot to me. 🙂


no sleep January 27, 2010

Posted by putomaia in Random Rambling, School is Cool.

I’m currently on thesis fever.

No, actually, I’d be making my thesis for the first time. And it’s now 4:23 am, Thursday.

And it’s due tomorrow.

I haven’t even started yet. I don’t know how.


This is what I get for totally messing up my priorities.

PS: I just read a story made by an ex (crush!) and it still gives me the creeps up to this very moment.

And yes, I do mess up my priorities.

Oh what should I do, what should I do…

Protected: under discretion January 23, 2010

Posted by putomaia in Jitters, Private Me.
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circus January 13, 2010

Posted by putomaia in Angst is so 90s, Jitters, Random Rambling.

I am getting too attached to you.

For many reasons I know I shouldn’t be.

What is the opposite of attach?


Yes that’s it.

I find it hard to do.

Oh freaky crap.

I don’t know how not to get too attached.

Afraid that I might already be.

And you are not making it easy.

I need help.


* I would like to make a special shoutout to George. Remember the talk we had a loooong time ago about attachment issues? I need to talk to you about it again. There’s something we have to talk about anyway, right? Now that you can take a break from your thesis, I’ll corner you.

slacker go away January 13, 2010

Posted by putomaia in Random Rambling, School is Cool.

I have been slacking off ever since this semester started. Scratch that. I have been slacking off since the beginning of this academic year. I hate it.

I hate it because I decided to go home today to start my thesis once and for all. And I haven’t done a single thing yet. Ugh.

My mind is too full of things, mostly extra-curricular. I actually don’t like the feeling of leaving my acads behind but I don’t know. Somehow it slips to the bottom of my priority list.

Today I went home to tell my mother I want to go back living in Mintal (after almost 2 years of living at home). And right away she said, “Okay, kailan ka magstart? Ikaw bahala basta feeling mo makabubuti sa studies mo.”

OMG. Guilt ultra level up.

But I can’t help it. Suddenly school doesn’t seem so cool anymore.

To the future boyfriend January 5, 2010

Posted by putomaia in Sorority Girl, Uber Friends.

or suitor of Teena.

First of all, you should know that you will have to compete with a lot of her other priorities. She may have agreed to have a relationship with you, yes, but keep in mind that she will not ignore her previous responsibilities just so she will have more time with you. She cares so much for her family so don’t expect to be given more importance than them.

Aside from her family in GenSan, she still has a lot of obligations in UP. She is an active member of the student council, the very same council she has been serving for what, three years now? She is also a beloved sis in Pi Sigma- Pi Sigma Delta. That’s a whole lot of people you’re dealing with. And of course, you will have to seek approval from her Uber Friends. Keep in mind that we have very strong personalities.

She lives in a boarding house (the frat/soro house specifically) so it’s actually okay for you to visit her everyday. No parents! But we’ll be there so behave. Then again, even if you do plan on doing something, remember Teena is very conservative. She may appear clingy (well she is) but don’t ever attempt on doing something beyond her limits. Wait for her.

She loves books. I think she likes reading more than watching movies. If you are really persistent, buy these not for her but for you to read: Haruki Murakami, Bob Ong, Ricky Lee (and a loooot of other Filipino authors), Mitch Albom, Young Blood, what else… Also, stock on Kiko Machine comics. And Precious Hearts romances hahaha.

She likes taking pictures. Cooperate! Also, take random pictures of her. She’ll like it.

She drinks in moderation. As in moderation. So it’s not a good idea to take her out to a night of drinking. If she agrees though and she gets drunk, bring her back to Pi House. Don’t bring her to your place. You can stay overnight if you want. Also, she quit smoking last year. If you don’t want to hear her nag, please don’t smoke in front of her. I should know. Trust me.

She is a neat freak. Don’t act like a total slob. If you happen to make a mess, clean it up. Immediately.

If you happen to have a fight or an argument, just wait for her to calm down. Give her a day or two.

You can buy her chocolates but believe me, she’d be happier if you brought her a tub of ice cream (preferably the Selecta Gold ones) and more importantly, spaghetti.  She’d devour it in no time. Spaghetti’s the key for a better relationship.

Let her talk. She’s a good listener but I think that happens by default because I’m a blabber. This time, you be the listener, okay?  Be a good one, too. Always remember what she says because she’ll remember what you say.

She’s not high maintenance. When buying her things, they don’t need to be really expensive. Just choose what looks best on her, or what she would surely use. Her taste is really girly. Don’t buy her anything masculine. She won’t use it.

Listen to her favorite songs. Also, be armed with a wide array of music in your mp3 player, phone, laptop, whatever. Let her listen to your playlist. Take note of her favorite picks and play it the next time you’re together.

She seldom cries so she would never do that for no reason. She won’t tell you the reason though, unless you pester her. Super pester. If you succeed, she’ll tell you maybe not immediately but in due time.

She loves corny jokes. She loves corny hirits. Arm yourself with a lot of them. I’m not kidding.

Also, she’s bipolar, but she never admits it. If you have a short patience, practice. In no time, you’ll get used to her massive mood swings 😛

And for crying out loud, buy her lotion, a’right?

Lastly, remember, you’re her first serious boyfriend. Love her because she’ll love you so much. Take care of her because you can always count on her to be thoughtful.

And don’t forget dates. She never forgets important dates. Hurt her and you’ll see an army of boys, girls and gays outside your gate. Ohmygawd, it rhymed. Hahaha.

To one of my best friends, mwre and sis, happy happy birthday!!!

this is teena 🙂

01.01.10 January 1, 2010

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I love it. The date looks like a binary code. Okay, geek alert 😀

In all honesty, my New Year celebration last night wasn’t a blast. First, I made pa-load (oops sorry) AllText20, which is equivalent to a hundred text messages. Guess what? I was only able to send around fifteen messages. Panic mode. Panic mode. My brother went to buy load for me. Guess what? It never came. I was able to greet a grand total of twelve people last night. I was so pissed off. I know it may not be a big deal for others but it is a big one for me.

Second. I went to this street party at my village. All my friends weren’t there. Thanks a lot. My mother and sister came and they stayed. My brother went to another party. My father was at home, sleeping. I was doing nothing there so I went back home. Seeing that my father wouldn’t wake up no matter what, I opened a bottle of wine, popped the cork and all. I opened the big box of Ferrero chocolates and ate two. I ended up watching Harold and Kumar 2. Haha what a night.

Midnight came and the entire family decided to join me for Media Noche. After that, we watched Kimmy Dora until 2 am. Wild night huh? After finishing the movie, they all went to sleep aside from me. I stayed awake all night and went to sleep at around 6.

At least I was able to see the first sunrise of the year 🙂 No pictures though; the camera was lowbat. I only have this.

me eating a lollipop. okay this isn't my most flattering pic, i know

I used to have a set of resolutions every year. From dieting to studying harder, from quitting alcohol to saving money. This year I only have one. I had so much fun late in 2009 that I decided that this year, I will try more new things. I will discover more of me. I will do whatever I want to do as long as it doesn’t hurt me or other people.

2009 have been relatively new, different from the previous years. I think I changed a lot this year. I did a lot of new things, I had a lot of new friends. 2009 has not been entirely good, though. Negative people and negative emotions abound. Then again, I have trouble remembering the negative. All I can think of now are the good memories I made this year with my favorite people. Of course you know who you are. All I can think of now is going back to school and making more memories for 2010.

Sabi nga ng Oasis, Don’t Look Back in Anger.

Mabuhay 2010!