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isang gabing… December 29, 2009

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wala kaming magawa ni Krista at Perper.

Naisip naming maglaro.

Ng hiritan.

Mabuti na lang at offline si Teena. Hahaha!


Maan: I love my SISSES!

Perper: Ako diay?

Maan: Di ko maaaring sabihin dito. Alam mo namang bawal.

Perper: I-PM mo na lang.

Maan: Ayokong mapahamak ka.

Perper: Sige naiintindihan ko.

Maan: Basta alam mo na yun.

Perper: Oo, titiisin ko na lang ang pangungulila.

Winner- Perper!

ROUND 2 (Manonood daw ng PBB si Lenin)

Krista: Manonood kayong lahat ng TV? Iiwan nyo na naman ako?

Maan: Bakit Krista? Kelan kita iniwan?

Krista: Hindi mo napapansin pero lagi nyo akong iniiwan.

Maan: I never left. You just stopped feeling my presence.

Krista: Because yes, you were there but your mind was elsewhere.

Maan: Iba man ang iniisip ko, kayo pa rin ang laman ng puso ko.

Krista: Sino nga ba ang laman ng isip mo?

Maan: Aw, ayaw na ta dira (Wag na tayo jan)

Winner- Krista!


Maan: Nagtext si Ian de Castro.

Krista: Ano daw?

Maan: Belated Merry Christmas sis. Hay naku.

Krista: Umandar na naman ang Sigman brain.

Maan: Dahil ang Sigman brain, laging delayed.

Krista: Humirit ka naman tol. (to Perper)

Perper: I therefore conclude may sakit kayong dalawa.

Krista: Kung sakit ang pagiging magaling sa paggamit ng mga salita, eh may sakit talaga kami

Winner- Krista!

ROUND 4 (Lilipat daw si Perper sa sala nila)

(after several minutes) Perper: False alarm. Dili pa ko pwede sa sala.

Maan: Aw. Dito ka nalang sa puso ko.

Perper: Matagal ko ng gustong pumasok sa puso mo, pero may laman na itong iba

Maan: Sigurado ka? Ni hindi ka man lang sumilip

(After mga 2 minutes)

Perper: Naa na gani unod! Hastang garaa!

Maan: Taena! Silip sa bintana eh!

Winner- Wala, pikon man!


Krista: Pwede bang makihati? Makirenta lang ng lugar sa puso mo?

Maan: Kahit anong mangyari may lugar kayo sa puso ko.

Krista: Char

Maan: Ay?

Krista: Oh eto na. Ang puso moy parang outer space, maraming space para sa mga taong minamahal mo.

Maan: Nakakalungkot lang dahil kayo’y mga astronaut. Babalik at babalik rin kayo sa mundo.

Winner- Maan!

Pahabol ni Perper: POKEMON ka ba? kasi I CHOOSE YOU

Happy New Year!


this is depressing December 28, 2009

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This is actually the first day since Christmas break started that NOBODY invited me to go out. As in nobody.

(Then again, even if somebody did invite me, I’m utterly broke.)

As of 4pm, I only received four messages, all of which were GMs.

My mother and brother are out, working.

My sister is playing, duh. My father is downstairs watching DVDs.

I’m stuck with my computer.

It’s boring. Even the weather’s boring. No heat, no rain, no nothing.

And most of all, being home with nothing to do leaves me one choice: THESIS.

Ugh. I hate this.

Almost goodbye, 2009 December 25, 2009

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Merry Christmas y’all!

This has been a really great Christmas vacation. Partypeopleyeah mode on!

It’s six days before 2009 officially says goodbye so I thought of making a list of the highlights of my year. Warning: This is another loooong post.

JANUARY 2009 – Radio Prod at its finest. I was Kris Aquino in radio- life. Err.. Boring January

FEBRUARY 2009 –  It’s RareJob time! I remember not being able to go out on Valentine’s Day because that’s my interview schedule. A few days after that, my schedule was opened and alas, so many Japaneses! 😀

MARCH 2009 – I revived my blog in vain, after writing just one post. Francis M died on March 6. March 7, the day after, was the Eraserheads Final Set. I almost died while watching the videos online. Of course I could not go. I had no moolah and it’s the last month of second sem. Meaning, soo many things to do. Then again, on the night before our Crisis Comm panel, Pupil held a concert in Damosa. Who were we not to go? We went there, bathed in the rain, made total fun of ourselves, worshipped Ely Buendia (in my case) and sung like mad people!

me and nepc. me, holding the ticket to happiness hahaha

APRIL 2009 – Summer! April 1 officially started my summer vacation. Exams ended on the last week of March but I chose to stay in Mintal for a couple of nights to have a gore-movie-marathon with the uber friends. Totally monotonous summer: Rarejob, Skype conference chat with friends, Facebook, yogurt, Korean series…

MAY 2009 – I tried to “re-revive” my blog in Blogspot. It was total blogorhea! I wrote about anything, everything, nothing, as in! Shortly, my friends Teena and George followed. We (I?) became serious bloggers 😀

JUNE 2009 – My birth month! Uber friends gathered in the far-flung mountains of Cabantian to celebrate my birthday. And then it was time to go back to school. We were officially seniors 🙂 AH5 became one of my most favorite subjects in my college life. And of course, he came back Uh, noooo. And Michael Jackson died 😦

happy birthday!

JULY 2009 – I began worrying about my thesis. I repeat, worrying. Freshmen night was held again in UP for the first time in two years. Tama ba? I remember my brods and sisses (neophytes pa?) and I eating dinner at Mami’s (a beerhouse in Mintal) around 2am. Rarejob Lunch Gathering, too! We ate a lot, hehe. And I sort of got over someone. Imma big liar.

at trellis n vines, with euki and reg

AUGUST 2009 – My mother created an FB account, to my horror. Some nosy bitches began threatening the confraternity, but we made it through, like duh. And I cut my hair! Really short, after so many years of having a long hair. I changed my thesis topic which confirmed my kewl factor haha. Joined KSUP in UPMin and got to go to a community in Tamayong. And yes, I proved to everyone I was as clumsy as heck.

at Sitio Kahusayan. spot me

SEPTEMBER 2009 – I began liking a loser. Regrets, regrets! Six people were added to the confraternity (amid all the issues and stuff). The aforementioned loser acted like a loser and made me cry. I get disgusted just thinking about it! Haha. I went back to smoking. We had a kewl rally against GMA.

OCTOBER 2009 – Another person was added to the confraternity, hehe. The semester was almost ending and so I was not able to sleep for weeks. Explains my eyebags. We also had our batchbook launching. I had my thesis defense and thesis plenary in one month. It almost killed me. Good thing I was able to survive. The semester ended well (if not for the many echuseras around me). I had an uno in AH5 and I even managed to get on the Dean’s List. Aww.Part two of October involves the sem break. Who would not forget Reg’s birthday in Puan? My gawd, I won’t! Haha

batchbook launching with George and Teena

NOVEMBER 2009 – Second semester. I wasn’t that crazy about my subjects. I like Film Prod though. And yeah, I reaffirmed my feelings toward him. Oh God, why am I such a cheesy person? I need salvation. Anywaaay, yeah. This month was also the birth of the superhero pose, when George, Reg and I were drinking Tanduay on a cold afternoon, right before my meeting with the CSM- SC candidates. Good job, Maan. Hahaha. The confraternity also had the sem starter. Super fun!

i love pi!

DECEMBER 2009 – Mintal perya! Sadly, I was only able to go there twice. First, with Alvin, Bobbie and Tomas after UP Night, and second, with Tomas, Perper, Krista, Nassefh, Drobert and Doods after the inter-org meeting. December was party-ful and Pi-ful. We became fond of walking around Mintal at midnight. Two people were added again to the confraternity and we drank after. Of course, who would forget the night before my two exams session? We jammed the Deviance Night away (which I attended tipsy). The night after Kasadya was also real fun. We went to Dover Lanes for bowling, and went to K1 for singing and disco-ing, haha. Christmas vacation was Tine-ful. My money totally went down the drain because we always ate out in restaurants and made tambay in coffee shops. For our Film Production script. Which was a major as if. But I’m not complaining!

At K1, Torres. I love this pic haha

Happy holidays!

password protected December 22, 2009

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Hambalan lang tamo sang password sa akong latest na blog sa baba. Nabal-an man gud sang mama ko akong blog. Delikades.

Protected: no regrets December 18, 2009

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doubting December 17, 2009

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What if I know I can finish my thesis but I never got around to actually starting it?

What if there are still so many things I wanted to do before I graduate?

What if I’m still having so much fun with my brods and sisses who are yet to graduate?

What if I’m afraid that when I graduate I won’t see him anymore?

What if I’m not yet prepared for life outside the university?

Suddenly it doesn’t seem as if I’m afraid of not graduating on time.

Suddenly, I am confronted with a desire to continue my thesis next semester.

Suddenly, the thought of leaving UP does not seem so happy anymore.

Suddenly, attending all the events next school year seems like a good thing.

Suddenly, I forget my corporate dreams and just want to stay in UP.

I am not sure if this is just one of my teenage (as if!) insecurities but that’s honestly what I feel now. If parents don’t get mad at their children who do not graduate on time then I won’t have any problem.


busybee December 13, 2009

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Imma make a long blog today to make up for the non-blogging week.

I’m really deadbeat tired today. The whole week last week was full of activities, most fun, some just plain tiresome. I stayed in my brods and sisses’ boarding house for the whole week and just dropped by my house to fetch some clothes and then off to Mintal again. Busy, busy, busy.

Segue: Black Marlboro is back and alive in Mintal. 😀

Classes usually start Tuesdays but for straight weeks I have to go to school on Mondays. Last week, our class in Film Production was requested to help organize the Mindanao Film Festival or MFF.  That was quite fun, it lasted for about 3 hours and featured 14 short films made by (young) Davaoenos. My goal is for our short film to be featured next year. Mark my words. 🙂 I did not get to finish it because I got bored by the last three films and just went to Lorenzo Hall to join the Inter- council meeting. After that, my brods and sisses and I ate dinner at a barbecue-han by the highway and went to Pi house to wait for our kaka- birthday lang sis Krista and her treat. Later on that night, we feasted on champagne, Red Ribbon cakes and ice cream!

Tuesday was the same. Same boring class (oops!), same yosi break. By afternoon, we went to the second day of MFF. Did not finish it because I got bored again. Made tambay. By 5:30 that afternoon I went to the Inter- org meeting.My brod Perper invited me to go to Mintal since it was fiesta day. After eating dinner with Perper, Nassefh, and Krista, we were joined by Tumas, Ervin and Doods and we went to the ukay-ukay. I scored a lovely pair of pumps for only 50 effin’ pesos. Mintal is soooo cool. After that, we went to the perya. Perper never got to ride a ferris wheel in his entire 18 years of existence and so I agreed to ride with him. No comment na lang ako. Hahaha. We tried playing games and won chichirya and then we bought those uso lollipops that glow in the dark. By around 9:30 we started walking home. Krista, Doods, Ervin and Nassefh rode a tricycle while Perper, Tumas and I decided to just walk because Pi House was just a few blocks away. Perper and I started walking when we noticed that Tumas joined the tricycle group. Okaaay? Hahaha. Perper and I were supposed to study together for our paper in Philosophy but by the time we got home, we were overcome with laziness. We read but I failed to give my full attention to it. In the end, I ended up just listening to Perper’s explanations. Then again, we decided not to do our paper. Mabuhay ang Paragon!

Wednesday was full of anticipation. I skipped all my classes because I had to go home because I did not have clothes anymore. I came back to the hills of Mintal by 5:30 that afternoon, just in time with my meeting with Pi Sigma- Pi Sigma Delta. That night, too, when we went home to Pi House, the entire place was flooded by garbage bags, cartolina, packaging thingy, bubble wrap, shoes, clothes, jeans, scissors, scotch tape, etc. I leave the etc. to your imagination.

Thursday morning was full of preparation. Deviance Day is here! It’s the day (organized by Dugong Antro people) wherein everybody is encouraged to dress and act beyond ordinary and customary. The Anthropology people in Pi House had to go early to school to prepare for the event. Tumas went to school wearing a garbage bag dress and Chary wore a yellow mosquito net. Cool no? Me, I did not have guts to do that so I decided on going to school wearing a black mini-dress, black leggings and my black pumps. Deviance Night was so cool (even if I attended the event tipsy 😀 ). We jumped danced on the dance floor until midnight.  Like Cinderella, I left the chaos ten minutes before midnight because I suddenly remembered I had an exam in Biodiversity and an overdue paper for Philosophy tomorrow.

Friday was another day. I scribbled my Philosophy paper around 1am and fell asleep. My Philosophy class was 8:30 in the morning but I knew I had to skip this class again. I gave my paper to Teena and studied for my exam. I did well, I think, even though I studied for just an hour tops. Anyway, for most of the afternoon, I just hanged out in George’s boarding house. 5:30 that afternoon I bailed and went to Pi House for our final interview with the __. It ended at 10pm. After eating dinner, my sis Ting suggested we walk around Mintal. And so around 11:30 that night, me, Ian, Ting, Perper, Alvin, Red, Darlene and Bobbie made “ronda” around Mintal hahaha. Every time we pass by a “Slow Down” sign, we also walk really slowly. We got tired and by midnight we went to Mintal Park. They played on the swing set and pretty much disturbed everyone. Chary and Teena joined us then. Later a drunk man invited us all to play for a boxing match tomorrow. Right. We then decided it’s time to go home. When we arrived at Pi House, Chary wanted to watch a movie. We had no other movie, only Aliens in the Attic. And so Teena, Chary, Bobbie, Alvin, Perper and I sat on the mat at the living room to watch. Alvin got his bubble wrap and we popped loudly while watching. Bobbie immediately fell asleep. Alvin followed. Later Perper got his handkerchief from his bag. I know that’s the sign that he’s gonna fall asleep soon. Why? Secret. Teena and I said at the same time “Sigmans down!”. Later, I asked Perper to move aside and slept beside the salivating boy. Oops! Only Teena and Chary ended watching the movie.

Saturday started around 10am when we ate brunch. Then I sat by the terrace and smoked my pack of lights and thought about life. Not! Well, actually, I was thinking of doing my thesis storyboard when Alvin came out and joined me. We ended up staying there and I forgot about my acad troubles. Later we watched up, Alvin and Perper wrestled by the kitchen, waited for the __ and other brods and sisses and by 1pm we started our final rehearsals. We ended around 6pm and ate dinner. Cecile suggested we go to DatCom that night and by 11:30 we  walked to Mintal again. We (me, Alvin, Ian, Tumas, Darlene, Ting, Bobbie, Cecile, Philip, McMonde, Teena, Chary, Dolly, Lenin) found ourselves drinking bottles of mango sling. We got addicted to McMonde’s camera and took pictures all night. We also sang songs and made fun of Philip through singing. Peace yo!

kami minus mcmonde behind the cam

major LOL moment ako nito. sayang wala si perper 😛

Sunday I went home. Peace and quiet once again 🙂

LSS December 6, 2009

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Wala lang.

interesting December 5, 2009

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Today, my mama and papa made up. I’m not sure if it’s today, perhaps yesterday. I havent’ been around the house for some days now and was actually avoiding it. I think the “peace and quiet” they have without me helped. Haha

Anyway, here are some bits of interesting conversations I had today:

Situation 1: Me + some brods (sisses = Deltans, brods = Sigmans)

Me: Oh tara, meeting na ta Sigmans.

Brods: Feeler, dili man ka Sigman.

Me: Sige lang gud para enjoy.

Brods: Fine.

Me: Wait! Unsa man daw plural sa Sigman?

Brods: Uh, Sigmans?

Me: Dili!

Brods: Unsa?

Me: Sigmen!

Situation 2: Me + some brods were riding in a very, very kaskasero jeepney. The driver was thinking he was part of a drag race. As in, pray for yer life passengers! 2 brods already left, I was left in the evil jeepney. The jeepney stops at a red light by Ateneo. Me and a couple were to go down across the street, as in tabok. The konduktor, thank you very much, told us to just go down in front of Ateneo and just cross the street by ourselves. Why? So that when the stop light turns green, they don’t have to stop again across the street.

Konduktor: Diri na lang mo baba aron mo-diretso na among dagan sa tabok.

Couple: (goes down without questions)

Konduktor: Ikaw miss? Sa tabok ka?

Me: Oo, sa tabok ko.

Konduktor: Diri na lang naog miss.

Me: Ngano man?

Konduktor: Kay magdiretso na lagi mi og dagan.

Me: Ngano man diay? Kung diri sa Ateneo akong tuyo, diri unta ko mopara. Didto man ko sa tabok magsakay kaya didto ko monaog.

Konduktor: Baktasa na lang gud miss.

Me: Kung magbaktas ko, wala na unta ko nagsakay. Ambi na akong pliti.

Konduktor: Tabok daw brad!

Driver: (grumbles unintelligibly, disrespectfully, budots- ly)

When the stoplight turned green, he drove super fast. He missed my stop and I shouted “para!”. The jeepney still didn’t stop. I banged on the walls (?) and yelled “para!” The jeepney stopped.

Me: Putang ina! Ana ko sa tabok lang piste! Litse!

Situation 3: I was supposed to go home early morning today, but due to insistent public demand (actually, my laziness) I did not go home until 6pm. I walked home with a lightning speed (everybody says owwws???), arrived around 8pm and expected to be given double scolding for the night.

Papa: Oh ba’t andito ka?

Me: Ha?

Papa: Kumain ka na?

Me: Hindi pa. Hindi kayo galit?

Papa: Kasi?

Me: Kasi late akong umuwi?

Papa: Ha? Akala ko nga nasa boarding house ka at bukas ka pa uuwi.

Me: (dumbfounded. I have been going home to our own house and not in a boarding house for like, two years now)

happy December 3, 2009

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I want to think happy thoughts tonight because I had a bad day.

I don’t want to think about my parents.

I don’t want to think about annoying classmates, thank you very much.

I don’t want to think about the issues involving my friends.

I don’t want to think about my love life, which is nonexistent by the way.

I don’t want to think about my thesis, which I haven’t started yet.

I don’t want to think about how many people I am avoiding at school, and vice versa. haha

Because I am happy.


putang galamay (Enriquez, 2009)


God ko, maiba naman tayo. Pwede pabawas naman ng problema, kahit isa lang?

Tutal papalapit na ang Pasko. 😦