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upbeat updates September 28, 2009

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Well, now officially marks the end of my weekend (since we don’t do classes on Mondays). Forgive the poem below. It just entered my head while I stared at the washing machine and thought I should write it somewhere. I never found a decent pen and so I published it here in my uber private blog.

I guess I sound like my old self again. Like the Maan two weeks ago? I forgot. Good.

Here’s what I did for the entire weekend.

Friday night: I went to the printing press with JM and Cachibee. I did not sleep over at Chiongs after Jurassic years. Maybe because my mother and I were speaking again? (Or maybe because I was considering the possibility that I might see him if I stayed in Mintal). Oh shut up.

Saturday: I spent the entire day, like literally at SM for our Anth 125 assignment. We stayed there for more than 12 hours! It was exhausting but I enjoyed it a lot. It was good that I didn’t have to stay home for that day. Would you believe me that the last time I went strolling around the mall was July? Oh and yeah, even my budget made up for it. Good thing my mother did not get annoyed even if I spent all the money she gave me.

Sunday: That was a productive day. I wrote my Anth 125 mall study (even though it wasn’t needed yet) and then in the afternoon revised my thesis. I attempted to write my movie treatment but I couldn’t because I had fun watching the TV (like OMG, after Jurassic years!). I watched the news about Ondoy (wake up call anyone), watched the F reunion special (I was such a fan back in highschool), watched the Boys Over Flowers special (I am still a fan hehe), and then watched Urduja. Which I didn’t get to finish.

Monday: I woke up planning to go to school like what I do every Mondays when I found out that we had no water. Sure, water was running from our faucet but it wasn’t potable. You could actually mistake it for Tang. By afternoon, (it was too late to go to school by the way), when the water came back to normal, I washed my two weeks worth of laundry. After that, and until now, I had a movie marathon. I watched 10 Things I Hate About You (one of my favorite films ever…I mean, who would not fall in love with Heath here?), caught up on missed episodes in Gossip Girl, and is now deciding which to watch: 27 Dresses or Love Actually?

Oh, and I did not get online on Facebook. Not even once. =)

PS: Pardon me if I’m in the mood for romantic comedies. I just like to believe that in some cases, love exists after all. =)


babae September 28, 2009

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Para sa aking mga kaibigang nakakaalam ng aking sikreto.

Ang unfair- unfair naman.

Kapag ang lalaki iniyakan ang babae, nakakamangha.
Mahal na mahal nga nya ang babae.
Kapag ang babae iniyakan ang lalaki, nakakahiya.
Napakadrama. Napakahina.

Kapag ang lalaki ‘di kayang kalimutan ang babae,
aba ibang klase na ito. H’wag nang pakawalan ang tulad nya.
Kapag ang babae ‘di kayang kalimutan ang lalaki,
Tanga. Boba. Hindi kayang mabuhay nang mag-isa.

Kapag ang babae nagmahal ng iba,
wala nang mas dudumi sa isang tulad n’ya.
Kapag ang lalaki humanap ng iba,
babae pasensya, he’s just not into you lang talaga.

Hindi ako masokista
Kung may pagpipilian lang
Bakit ko naman pipiliing masaktan ‘di ba?
Ngunit pagpasensyahan n’yo na
Kung ang kaibigan nyo’y nagiging tanga
Ayaw ko lamang ipahalata
Na naapektuhan ako sa ginawa n’ya

Protected: insert cuss word here September 23, 2009

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Protected: when will i ever learn? September 20, 2009

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all new and improved blog September 16, 2009

Posted by putomaia in Random Rambling.

Now fortified with Vitamin C!

If you are reading this post, that means you are one of the FEW people I have allowed to read this blog.

I just changed my setting from open- for- all to selected people only.

I think I realized that my goals in writing a blog are to practice writing AND to express my feelings. I don’t remember aiming to be read by anyone. Which was not bad, but it’s now becoming awkward. It’s as if I have a hidden camera inside my room on live stream.

So yeah, this is the end of the anonymous commenter(s) and the reactive readers whom I don’t even know.

Don’t worry, I’ll publish a book in the future. You can read my writings there.  Hehe.

Good night!

Protected: sana hindi ako naba-bother dahil sa ‘yo September 13, 2009

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uber haggard September 12, 2009

Posted by putomaia in School is Cool.

Things to do:

1. Finish thesis before September 16.
2. Finish Material Making Exam before September 16.
3. Study for MST3 exam, September 17.
4. Edit graphics for batch book section.
5. Take pictures of electric wire formed into words, still for batch book.
6. Finish the layout of all graphics before September 14.
7. Prepare for PGMA walkout on September 15.
8. Find solicitors for batch book before September 18.
8. Complete electoral slate for CSM- SC before September 18.
9. Do the laundry by tomorrow.

at marami pang iba na ‘di ko na maalala. my gahddd.