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Slumdog Millionaire March 2, 2009

Posted by putomaia in Chick Flick, Random Rambling.
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I have just decided that this would be my most favorite film of all time until I grow old.
Or at least one of the top ten.

I know I’m late in watching this. I mean I’ve heard of it before but I never got to watching it until early morning today. By morning I mean 2 am. Which means I finished watching at four. And I didn’t even notice the time.

To be honest, I wasn’t interested at all in watching Slumdog. I’ve never seen any trailer of it but I’ve seen pictures, which led me to think that it was just another Bollywood film. And I was never into Bollywood films (no offense to fans out there).

Until it bagged awards at the Oscar’s.

I itched to see it. But I never got to buy a DVD copy (from Mantex syempre). And so, I googled it and tah-dah! Instant movie. Thanks illegal live streaming.

And like, OH SHIT. There was never a dull moment. There’s no limitations actually. A few minutes of the movie can contain billions (exage naman) of different moods, themes, etc. The film discussed poverty (of which we Filipinos are very familiar), family, friendship, success, love and destiny, all woven together into a tight, intricate plot. There are elements of suspense, comedy, drama and romance. What more could you ask for?

My eyes never went away from the screen (in my case, the PC monitor). Uh, well, except for the part when Maman’s (tama ba?) boys scooped out the little boy’s eye, using a spoon. I had a sel- imposed meditation for about 2 minutes after that.

I like the character of Jamal. He’s so driven and unafraid of what comes. His only flaw maybe is that he was too ‘controlled’ by his love for Latika, to the point that it’s not believable anymore. Then again, she’s the third musketeer after all. Favorite scene: When he pretended to be a tour guide in Taj Mahal and he was asked what the cause of Mumtaz Mahal’s death was. Really funny. And also the infamous public bathroom + autograph scene. Disgusting at its best. I also liked the scene wherein the host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire said it’s hot, and Jamal asked him, “Are you nervous?”

I don’t like the character of Latika. She’s too weak. Also, she unwittingly made Jamal’s life miserable. But yeah, if it weren’t for her, there won’t be a story? Hmm.. Favorite scene: When she answered the phone intensifying the suspense and it only turned out that she didn’t know the answer. Nice one.

I LOVE the character of Salim. He’s a walking irony. How many times did he enrage Jamal and even put his life in danger? Almost all the time. It seems as if they weren’t brothers. But how many times did he save Jamal’s life? All the time, too. He took so many risks, some of which Jamal would unfortunately never know, just to save his younger brother. And make him happy. I also love the fact that he killed the two gangsters. That’s so cool. Favorite scene: When he sold Jamal’s autograph. When he let go of Latika’s hand while escaping Maman. When he killed Maman. When he helped Latika escape from Javed. When he filled the bathtub with money, killed Javed, and was killed by Javed’s guys. His last words were “God is great.”

Well I guess I have to end this blog here because it’s getting a little lengthy. Perhaps there would be a Part 2, perhaps there won’t be. So see yah.