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when everybody else is having their sembreak already.. October 9, 2008

Posted by putomaia in Angst is so 90s, School is Cool.
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when everbody else
in our school
have gone home
to enjoy the break,

im here in my room,
editing our graphic novel,
with all of my six groupmates asleep..
in every corner of our house..

they’ve been sleeping
since around twelve midnight..
it’s already 4 am..

im still awake..
cant sleep, but,



the superstitious one October 7, 2008

Posted by putomaia in Jitters, Random Rambling.
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i’m trying this new ‘innovation’, constantly recommended by friends…
said ’twas amazing..
it’s a virtual tarot..
you type in your question and then he answers..
out of curiosity, i tried it a few days ago,
but this person never answered..
that i didn’t have enough faith. that i didn’t deserve answers..

just earlier, out of boredom i guess.. (is it?)
i tried it again..

actually, i’ve been waiting for a certain person
to contact me in any way today,
since i didn’t answer his call yesterday..
i promised to make it up today..
but he didn’t text, nor buzz, nor call, nor anything..
and all the universe conspired and made it
impossible too for me to contact him..

so i typed my question:
is anybody thinking of me now?
and while it was loading,
my phone rang..

-the superstitious one