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is UWIAN NA worth becoming the torch night tradition? June 27, 2008

Posted by putomaia in Angst is so 90s, Random Rambling, School is Cool.
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Don’t get me wrong.. I was actually excited at the prospect of booing and thrashing the freshies on torch night.. Then again, when it started, I wish torch night wasn’t like this.. Last year’s (2007) was more civil, compared to the other two i’ve witnessed: our batch’s (2006) and that of the other night (2008).

I understand that the event’s purpose is to like, prepare the freshmen for the bloody 4 years (minimum, that is) they would be facing in UP Min. I understand how we all passed through this one night in our college lives as the presentors, or should i say PREYsentors? Somehow we seek revenge, if i may call it, for the humiliation we had experienced when we were first years. I, for one, am not really concerned about what this year’s freshies would feel.

Then again, when the freshmen of BA Comm Arts presented their number, it was déjà vœu. Chants of UWIAN NA, UWIAN NA echoed throughout the atrium. Nobody could hear what the kids were saying in front. When a girl was talking, a student judge snatched the microphone from her and said, “tama na beh, panghawa na mo”. I glanced all around me and saw the people laughing in glee, cheering. I glanced at my batchmates and they were aghast. Some were even crying. I told the kids to continue. They did, but not for long.

They made their exit, and stood crying at the back of the audience’s benches. Our batch came to them and no, not to comfort them, but to tell them to stop making a fool of themselves. They don’t deserve to be humiliated even more by letting the people see them cry. So we escorted them into a room inside the CHSS building, where we told them to stop feeling sorry for themselves. They told us that they’re crying because they disappointed us, which is not at all the case because, hello? kami nga nung time namin hindi umiyak eh. Maybe the kids were more sensitive than us, but we should understand that we are older, both in age and in experience. Torch night is supposed to make them feel welcome, not make them feel as if entering UPMin was a wrong decision.

If anybody could remember, we were the worst torch night presentors ever. Maybe the traditional UWIAN NA started with us. When we presented, the atrium was actually protesting, revolting against us. But we continued. It was riotous, but we continued. People actually began forming a line and started walking out on us, but we continued. We were made fun of, we were considered the black sheep batch, but we are still continuing.

I would like to give justice to what happened to BACA freshies. I’m not saying they performed well, but they could have done a little better if we let them finish. The idea of guys dressing up as females was not supposed to mock or offend anybody. It was just what they thought would please us. I mean, hello, they weren’t the first ones in history to do something like that!

We admit that we didn’t give a damn to what our freshies would present during the last few weeks. Then again, even if our batch wasn’t there to guide them in their practices, we were the only ones who could really feel what they felt. Nobody else could have given them more sympathy than we could. To the freshmen of our course, well, torch night is not everything. At all.

True, the freshies should have prepared themselves for something like this to happen. True, they must have continued their presentation. True, they should not have cried. But who could blame them, when the ones whom they thought would support them were the ones to start backing out on them? When i think about it, torch night is somewhat like any org’s (academic, fraternity, sorority, etc) initiation. Pero, when i think about it even more, buti pa ang org, at least pagkatapos ng hirap at kahihiyan, they truly welcome you into the family.

Our batch and their batch would have wanted a public apology, but who could contest against what everybody thinks of as tradition?