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TOUGH LOVE: Creating Memories March 6, 2008

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Special thanks to the 2- BA Comm Arts Fans Club..

Finally, we did something right, didn’t we?

And we did..One hell of a production, wasn’t it?

I can’t believe it’s over, just like I didn’t believe I can portray my role a month ago, when Ms Mandy was brewing this concept in that curly- haired head of hers. Four nights, and it’s over..

But the memories aren’t. The memories will stay forever.

True, it was also one hell of a work, exerting effort, honest- to- goodness LABOR..

Then again, as I think about it now, I wouldn’t trade anything for the muscle pains, the body sweat and odor, the midnight dinners, the sleepless nights..

It’s not really about putting on a face for the audience..It’s not really about the show itself.

I would always remember how we, both blocs take note, would gather together in the backstage( thank goodness it’s airconditioned) almost five hours before the show starts, doing nothing. Just talking dirty, laughing out REALLY loud (even though Prof Pavo’s class is just next door), crowding in the small couch, cuddling under the blankets, making chismis, making libak..hehe..

Also, I won’t forget the backstage during the play. That noisy, chaotic world behind the sophistication of the play. Dun, maraming kababalaghang nagyayari..hehe.. I also loved being the voiceover for a night. “Taking of photographs is strictly prohibited…unless it is mine”

Of course, I would never forget being actress. Thanks for letting Kadena happen. (Where’s my script, by the way?)

One thing I regret is the fact that I’m a production manager, but I never got to be usherette.

Sorry, inutusan kasi kami nung Tuesday, actress ako nung Wednesday, VO ako nung Thursday, actress uli nung Friday..

So I never got to say “Good evening Sir, Ma’am. Enjoy the show.”, and

“Thank you for watching Tough Love. Good night!”


The TOUGH LOVE Scandal: A 2nd yr- BA Comm Arts Major Problem March 3, 2008

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(OLD HAG!!!)she told us she was a bitch, but I did not think she could be even MORE bitchy.!.

Oh fuck. It’s two in the morning and I’m here in Clickerz (you’v got it right. Downtown.) with my roommate George. Guess what? tah- dah! We’re making our paper. For ethics.

Oh fuck. This week is the most taxing I had for…well, weeks.

wla pa po akong tulog. i wanna say hindi pa ako kumakain, kaso, kumain na ako ng dinner eh. tsk3.

busy subjects: coma107, coma 108, coma 111, nstp2,..next week pa yung iba.. hahabol pa..

Oh fuck.

2nd yr- BA Comm Arts present you TOUGH LOVE.

We have a 4- day long play production which features love in different ways and how various women had combated with it in order to win it. Some happy, some not.

Bonggang- bongga. That’s how I described it to random passers- by whom we invited to watch. Of course naman noh, for an amateur production to be held in an AVR which could accommodate only about 60 people, ang budget namin ay bonggang- bonggang 25K?!!

Well, anyway, that’s not an issue. We’re sure naman it’s gonna be worth every single penny.


Everything was running smoothly na eh. We had our final TDRs last Saturday and Monday. Hanggang alas diyes kami sa school, at bonggang- bonggang two hours pa ang byahe ko pauwi. Pero ok lang. Worth it naman. Hanggang kaninang hapon. SHIT!!

It was 5pm, everybody was busy preparing, putting on makeup, dressing, practicing lines. Di pa naman panic mode. Enough nervousness lang. Hanggang, tan- tararan-tanan! They said that we can’t use the lights (which we rented for 16k) because we didn’t ask permission daw.

Permission? You saw it nung Monday pa and you never tell us anything about it. Permission? Bakit, nanghingi ba kami? And how would we know? We were all first- timers here. Hindi namin alam ang system. Nobody oriented us.

Poor us (George, Chang and me). We ran all over the campus (of course not Kanluran), twice, back and forth in search of an alternative to the lights. Wala yung mga people na responsible for the lights n usually ginagamit, so inutusan kami ni Sir Dennis bumili ng thingies. Thanks to Mikko diay for the ride.

Una, baba kami Mintal, wala.

Baba kami Catalunan Pequeno, wala.

Diretso na nga lang tayo CitiHardware. dun, meron.

Wala namang taxi.

Merong pumayag, additional 50. ah, bahala na.

Why can’t you let us use the lights?

1. You said we should appreciate what UP has. Fine, we appreciate them, we just don’t wanna use them.

2. For the electricity. We have our solicitations, we have enough money to pay you 500 a night for that.

3. We don’t respect the higher bodies. Hello?! DUH!! Don’t get on crying over your battered EGO because we didn’t consult you. Why would we when it’s apparent you won’t support us anyway?

4. We should have written a letter. Okay, I don’t have much knowledge in the technicalities but what I’m pretty sure of is that you should write a letter when you reserve something. We didn’t reserve the lights, we rented it with our own money. It won’t bother you. Lights do not walk, however tall they are. Andyan na yan eh. Fine, dapat may letter, pero wala namang disturbance na na-create yung lights di ba? How hard is it for you to just let us use them??!!!


and lastly, you call yourself a WOMAN OF THE ARTS, but you didn’t even come to our show.